This is my brother, Jeremiah. He is 12 years old and transgender. As you can see, he is very funny and an awesome person to be around. He is considering a female to male transition but he has a lot of years ahead of him to figure that out. He still is treated as a female by family and friends, though I will respect his wishes by referring to him using him, he, brother, etc. He still dresses as a female sometimes because he feels the pressure of seeming “weird” to family and others. I wanted to show him that he has many supporters who will be with him no matter what he decides to do. It would mean a lot to him and to me if you could help to show him your support by liking or reblogging and sending supportive messages that I could pass on. Thank you to all of you, I know tumblr is full of open minded and supportive people so I wanted to get your help to show my family that he has many wonderful people backing him up. Thank you all :)